Sunday, May 5, 2013


Three-day absolutely CRAZY week coming up, followed by a long weekend out of town (sans kids, at least) for a event of my husband's.

Since I am the queen of Post-Its and calendars, I just sat down to write out the list of everything I have to get done between now and Thursday morning, and realized with dull horror that this is also the week (of course, it would be...) when I need to bring in two cakes for Teacher Appreciation Week at school!  These are given as gifts to individual teachers--parent bakers contribute one for each teacher.

Now, I love to bake.  And this task (for which I cheerfully volunteered, not thinking about the calendar) would normally be right up my alley.  But these cakes are supposed to be fancy and beautiful, and this is SO not the week for me to have time to pull that together.  Not if I plan to get any sleep at all before Thursday, anyway.

So I ask: can any of you recommend a recipe for a cake that looks beautiful and special but isn't terribly time-consuming to make??  Pretty please?  ;)


  1. Your life is so bizarrely foreign to me. Seriously? Baking cakes? Who's got time for that?

    Yes, yes, I've baked so many cakes in my life, but never really on demand like that. People have lives with things to do!

  2. Wait a minute here: you spend your life shuttling between various war-torn and otherwise unlikely and eventful parts of the world, and MY life is the bizarrely foreign one???? ;)

    1. Haha - bizarrely foreign TO ME, not objectively speaking! :)

  3. I think I would search Pinterest. Sadly I have no beautiful cakes in my repertoire.

    Or ... perhaps the mocha chocolate one that's on my recipe page. It's 3 layers so it's sorta fancy. And really good.


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