Thursday, May 23, 2013

You're Going To Love This One

I mentioned earlier that this was going to be a crazy day.  It actually started off Thing One to school on time for his rehearsal, put Thing Two on the bus at home, got back to school for Thing Two's end-of-year celebration, made a mad dash from there to my taekwondo class, and swung quickly by the shoe store to buy size adjusters for Thing One's new dress shoes for tonight's concert.  All of this with Petunia in tow, by the way...she was off from school today.

Or so I thought.

Petunia was supposed to have a day off at the end of last month--a teacher planning day or some such. There was some issue with that, and they had a normal day of school instead, with the day off shifted to this month instead.  Today, I thought.  Because of the day off, one of the moms of the boys in her class offered to host a play date at her house.  Given how nuts this day has been, it was the last thing in the world I wanted to try to squeeze in, but I love my daughter, so our next stop was her friend's house.  Which I had to find using the MapQuest app on my iPhone (oh, how I love that app) because this kid lives off roads I've never seen in ten years living in this area.

Anyway, we finally get to this house.  There are no other cars in the driveway, even though we are twenty minutes late.  The grandmother opens the door, looking confused.  She says that the mom is at work.  I take the playdate invitation from my purse to show her, and realize belatedly that the play date is actually NEXT Thursday.  Which means that the day off is too.  Which further means that Petunia missed a full day of school today for no reason other than that her mother is a dingbat who can't keep track of the date.

She's sailing through school--missing a day won't kill her.  I just feel like a flaming moron.  But at least she will still get her play date, even if it is a week from now.  We did get home earlier than anticipated, too, which is a bonus since I was hoping to let the dog out of her crate for a while before the next round of activities begins.

It's official: there is just too much in my head right now.  There is only so much mental juggling I can do before balls start to drop, and one landed with a resounding *splat* today!

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