Sunday, November 3, 2013


It's been that kind of day.

I'm done with fall soccer: the obligation to spend my Saturday mornings and most of my Sunday afternoons at a field somewhere.  Today, the younger ones' game was at the same time as Thing One's (but in different places, of course) and it was played in 50-degree temps and howling wind.  Was very glad to have a heavy fleece blanket that Mom made for my kids in the trunk of my car...all the subs on the bench ended up huddled under it for the entire second half to keep from freezing!  Our team lost 6-4: the only good thing about the afternoon was that Thing Two scored all four of his team's goals.  He was on a roll.  If he ever figures out how to aim a shot and then follow it, he'll be a really dangerous player...right now he takes more of a firing-a-shotgun sort of approach.  

I'm done with the garden: spent a couple of hours after soccer clearing out the sad remains of my frost-damaged and weed-infested backyard plot.  As a kid, I spent most weekends in the yard with Mom being attacked by tropical thorns, heat and bugs, and I swore I'd concrete over my yard when I grew up and paint it green!  It's been a shock to all who knew me back then to hear that I have a big garden now, but I've lost interest in the project: too much time needed for maintenance that I could be spending doing other things.  Next year, I scale back big-time...the last thing I need is to have to worry that my yard looks like crap because I didn't get out there to weed.  Perennials are going to become my new best friends.

And most of all, I'm done with one of my committees, the one responsible for Town Day along with a host of other events.  Had an epiphany of sorts; decided that I've put in my time (three years as Chair, nine years total) and that it's someone else's turn to run this particular show!  I'll be making the announcement at tomorrow night's meeting and bowing out effective January 1.  It's not at all in my nature to walk away from anything or to say "no," even when it's demonstrably in my best interest to do so, so y'all should be very proud of me.

Can't do much about the soccer thing, but in the immortal words of Meatloaf, two out of three ain't bad!


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