Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Insight From The Fridge

Now, here's an interesting NaBloPoMo prompt:

Monday, Nov 12: Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

Without further ado:

1) A jar of home-canned pickles.  A friend of mine won the bread-and-butter pickle contest at the local 4H Fair over the summer, and was kind enough to give me the recipe he won with, a hand-me-down from his mother.  Except that he forgot the sugar when he was writing the list of ingredients...good thing I like sour pickles!  I laugh every time I see the jar.  He was horrified when he figured out what had happened.  

2) The entire door shelf of Asian condiments.  Hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sriracha, nam pla, sambal oelek, etc, etc.  These make me nostalgic: I went to junior high and high school in Hong Kong and have traveled extensively in Asia.  Those were happy years and the flavors take me back.

3) Calcium-fortified orange juice.  The word for this is resigned: I battled Petunia for years on the subject of dairy consumption.  She's not lactose intolerant; she eats ice cream cheerfully and cheese on occasion, but will NOT drink milk or eat yogurt under any circumstances.  After consulting her pediatrician, I finally gave up, started buying this form of orange juice and Viactiv chews for her, and decided that life was too short to spend it fighting with one of my children three meals a day.  

4) Organic milk.  I try not to go too crazy about what I feed my kids, but I do draw the line at their dairy products: no hormones, no antibiotics.  The two who actually drink milk go through a ton of it.  Mom-guilt, perhaps?  Seeing these cartons reminds me that I should probably be feeding them all kale smoothies and wheat germ and tofu instead of the occasional chicken nugget or hot dog that they get now.  

5) Half a loaf of homemade pumpkin-raisin bread.  It's Himself's favorite kind, and Petunia loves to bake with me.  Making memories with my girl and something good for my family to eat at the same time...it's love wrapped into one bread pan.  

I don't usually pass along the prompts, but if any of you feel like telling me how you feel about something (or five things) in your refrigerator, I'd really love to read it.  I didn't realize how much insight the contents of a refrigerator lend into their owners until today!


  1. I, too, have a whole row of Asian condiments, but they don't evoke any fun memories. Rather, they remind me of all the crap I buy and never use. There are two dozen eggs right now in the fridge which are taunting me because I need to make a cake for a client tonight and do some decorating of it, and I sort of dread the whole thing. A third thing would be a glass container with leftover -- get this -- Hamburger Helper -- please don't ask. The fourth thing would be organic milk, one gallon, that will last for about one day and a half since Henry literally guzzles it non-stop. The fifth thing would be a soft wedge of triple creme brie that I am dying to spread on crackers.

  2. Will you post a picture of your cake? I love to bake, but my creations are clearly homemade-looking...no professional decorator I. And the triple creme Brie...yum. With or without the crackers! Cheese is my favorite weakness.

  3. Oh my, that brie sounds amazing. Can't get anything like that here. And good for Petunia - orange juice is way better than milk (not that I drink it - no juice for me - too many calories).

    In my fridge: a bottle of wine that a high-ranking official gave me in hopes of sex with me (it didn't work for him), a jar of Ragu pasta sauce which I eat almost every day because I cannot force myself to cook, dead okra that I need to throw away - I bought it but cannot make myself cook, bran flakes which is the only other thing I will eat except pasta (usually I don't eat pasta at all due to calories, but really, I cannot make myself cook; and I have to keep all food in the fridge), almonds that a friend sent me that I'm really sad to be running out of because I can't buy almonds here or any good snack food. Is that five? Oh, one more. Eggs from a friend here who raises her own chickens, which I hardly ever eat because I like eggs about like Petunia likes milk.

  4. I'm amazed that the wine has lasted so long! At my house, it is an essential nerve tonic. ;)

    1. The problem is that wine is rather hard to come by - it's quite expensive, hard to find, and too often vinegar. So I guess I'm saving it for some kind of special occasion. Plus, it's the only way I've found I can get the power cord to work with my computer that has a disk drive - I wedge the full bottle a certain way, so I'm afraid if I empty it that I'll no longer have a functioning computer. Yes, I shake my head at myself.

    2. That's too funny. Wine bottle as essential computer accessory!


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