Saturday, November 2, 2013

What A Great Day

A question for the good souls of BlogHer...if NaBloPoMo is supposed to be a post-every-day thing by definition, why are there only post prompts listed for weekdays??  There being no topic prompt listed for today, we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

A few weeks ago, I was out on a caching run with my more experienced local friend, who mentioned to me that there was to be a geocaching event today.  These are official meetups for geocachers, often held at state parks: the organizer hides new caches to be found, people bring food to share at potluck meals, new friends are made and old friends are joyfully greeted.  I'd never been to one before, but signed myself and Thing One up for the event today and prepared with a bit of trepidation for an adventure.

This particular event was held at a state park about 75 miles north of our house, well outside my normal caching radius--I'd actually never been to that part of the state before.  With the exception of a quick rain shower in the afternoon, it was a lovely day, positively balmy for early November.  We found 14 caches with friends old and new and generally had an absolutely fabulous time.  We will definitely be doing this sort of thing again!

The only downside: I forgot to bring a 'real' camera, and my iPhone did not do this view (from the top of a nearby mountain) justice in any respect.  It was stunning.

And the absolute best thing?  I got to spend an entire day with my son.  He's only ten, but the years are flying: he will be eighteen and gone in the blink of an eye, and it's possible that between now and then he will become too cool to hang out with his mother.  It was a joy to have him all to myself for the day.  Even though we almost had a catastrophe: it was a good thing that, while crossing the dam on the bridge, he dropped the toy he was holding in his right hand into the water and not my iPhone from his left hand!  

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