Friday, November 22, 2013


Finally picked a color (a lovely warm caramel) and began to tackle my dining room.  It was either that or lose my fricking gourd once and for all at the disastrous state of my house...there is only so much of that I can take, and this is at least a start on my menacing, imposing to-do list.  Did all the prep work this afternoon and put on the first coat of paint just now.  (Hoping to have my dining room put back together once and for all post-construction by Monday.)

And let me tell you, I really enjoyed showing my girl how to use a caulk gun!  She's learning from her mama, just like I learned from mine.


  1. Oh, god. I so need to do some painting but I just hate it. I confess to actually never having painted a room, but I'm determined to do it. Very soon!

  2. It's a mess and a hassle, but when all is done and cleaned up, it is something that stays around for a while (unlike, say, a clean kitchen or empty laundry baskets.) There's something to be said for looking at a painted room and thinking "I did that!" Every room in this house that is painted was done by either me alone or me with my parents at some point in the ten years we've lived here.


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