Saturday, November 16, 2013


I woke up this morning wondering why my quads felt like they'd been hit by a train, then I remembered the two and a half hours yesterday spent climbing up and down the steep and rocky walls of a nearby creek bed with my friend B, looking for a cache and ultimately not finding it.  We're nuts, I know.  At least we have our particular form of insanity in common.

Saturdays are rough this time of year, it being a transitional sort of timeframe in the sports calendar.  Fall soccer isn't quite over, but basketball has started: today alone, we had two basketball practices and two soccer practices.  Thing Two and Petunia are on the same basketball team this year, and I, God help me, am one of their coaches again; a head coach this time around.  And the only female coach, too... my third straight year representing for the double-Xs in the testosterone zone.  

Date night tonight, a good end to a long day.  Sitter, dinner out, wine, peaceful uninterrupted conversation.  Batteries recharged.

Good night...

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