Friday, January 11, 2013

Big News In The D Household...

My little girl made a major announcement to me as I was driving her to school today.  Seems that she is engaged to one of the boys in her class!  I gather that he asked her to marry him yesterday, and that she took the evening to consider the proposition before deciding today that she would marry him.  When she grows up, of course.  (All said MOST seriously.)

When I could trust myself not to laugh out loud, I solemnly replied that I was glad that she was waiting until she grows up before getting married.

Then, as soon as she was safely delivered to school, I immediately called my husband to share the news.  This being his only daughter and precious little girl and all that, he was not amused.  He informed me that he was withholding his approval for the match until the little boy in question came and asked his permission properly!  ;)

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