Friday, January 18, 2013

Passed Along To The Next Generation, Times Two

Himself and I are Type A and Type A-er, you pick 'em.  How we managed to create a Type B child (Thing One) together is unclear, unless there is some two-negatives-equal-a-positive thing in genetics, as in math.  It is what it is, however.  He was blessed with every gift in the world except motivation; I've written about this before.

Thing Two hates to lose.  I mean HATES to lose.  And the kid is stubborn...oh, and how.  And he knows what he wants and goes for it.  This one, we understand.

The jury's been out on The Girl, though.  She's been somewhere between her brothers for a while.  But apparently she is going to skew more Type A as well, judging from a story I heard from her teacher today.

She and her classmates were playing some sort of tag-like game at recess.  Apparently she was bound and determined to tag every one of her classmates, but couldn't catch a few of them because the boots she was wearing made her too slow.  Which made her cry in frustration.  But after she was done crying, she took off her boots and socks and tracked every single one of them down running barefoot.  (This was in the school gym.)  Attagirl...way to work around a problem!


  1. Ha! I have no doubt that I am passing my crazy Type A tendencies on to another generation of anxiety ridden crazy people ;-)

  2. Type A people rule! Welcome to the club. ;)


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