Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ten Things That Are Making Me Happy Today

Not in any particular order after #1--that one is a REALLY big deal.

1) Thing Two's increased capacity for imaginative play.  He literally could not do it at all a few years ago, and recently this has improved radically.  This is such a relief I cannot begin to express it.

2) The presence of Thing Two's head coach at basketball practice this morning (i.e., I did not have to run the practice, on short notice or otherwise.)

3) Thing One's improving basketball skills.  He shot only two baskets in games all year last year, and three in today's game alone (the second of the season.)  His newfound confidence is a joy to see.  We celebrated with ice cream after the game!

4) The New Wave (alt-'80s: yes, I am dating myself) channel on Sirius Radio.

5) Fresh vegetables.

6) Homemade bread.

7) The love of my dog.

8)  Watching my daughter dance along to her Wii game.

9) Coffee from my new coffeepot.

10) My husband, the logistics king, who is able to efficiently plan a weekend day such that all three kids get where they need to be when they need to be there without me having to think about it.  I just go along with the plans he figures out.

Bonus) My husband, for spending his afternoon putting together umpteen-hundred piece Lego sets with the boys while I play on the computer!

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