Fall woods

Fall woods

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eating The Elephant

Talked to my parents tonight.  According to my mother, listening to me describe my family's (very hectic) schedule makes her want to go take a shot of oxygen.  To which my response was that my life often makes me want to take a shot of something, but oxygen is not in the top five on the list!  Gin, possibly; or wine at the very least.  And the good Bombay Sapphire gin at that.

Charles Schulz said it best: "I've developed a new philosophy...I only dread one day at a time."  Baby steps: the only way to avoid becoming a raging lunatic.  Or an alcoholic.  Thinking about a full week all at once is a recipe for disaster.

This reminded me of the whole eating an elephant a bite a time thing.  I'm not sure who I thought originated that quotation, but the Web attributes it to a Creighton Abrams.  Not recognizing the name, and having a few spare minutes, I looked him up.  He's the man for whom the M1 Abrams tank was named: a four-star Army general and two-time DSC winner who died in 1974.  Based on his résumé, he could probably have taken on an elephant.

Me, I'll stick with a more conventional dinner.  And my gin, of course.

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