Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eating The Elephant

Talked to my parents tonight.  According to my mother, listening to me describe my family's (very hectic) schedule makes her want to go take a shot of oxygen.  To which my response was that my life often makes me want to take a shot of something, but oxygen is not in the top five on the list!  Gin, possibly; or wine at the very least.  And the good Bombay Sapphire gin at that.

Charles Schulz said it best: "I've developed a new philosophy...I only dread one day at a time."  Baby steps: the only way to avoid becoming a raging lunatic.  Or an alcoholic.  Thinking about a full week all at once is a recipe for disaster.

This reminded me of the whole eating an elephant a bite a time thing.  I'm not sure who I thought originated that quotation, but the Web attributes it to a Creighton Abrams.  Not recognizing the name, and having a few spare minutes, I looked him up.  He's the man for whom the M1 Abrams tank was named: a four-star Army general and two-time DSC winner who died in 1974.  Based on his résumé, he could probably have taken on an elephant.

Me, I'll stick with a more conventional dinner.  And my gin, of course.

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