Saturday, January 26, 2013

One Other Thing

OK, I'm quite sure that y'all are completely sick of the sight of the word "basketball" on this blog, and I'm sorry.  I don't blame you.

But I just have to tell you about something really cool.

A few weeks ago, Thing One's team had a game in our school gym.  He has to be there early to warm up, so while that was happening I was watching the game before his, in which older boys were playing.    Probably middle-school age, I'd guess.  One of the kids on the opposing team that day obviously has Down's Syndrome.

Initially, I was just thinking how cool it was that a kid with a handicap was able to play on the team.  Then I actually started watching more closely and realized that the kid was one of the stars of his team.  No joke.  That kid has a shot you would not believe.

Saw him again today; he was still dropping baskets left and right.  Go rock!

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