Fall woods

Fall woods

Saturday, January 26, 2013

One Other Thing

OK, I'm quite sure that y'all are completely sick of the sight of the word "basketball" on this blog, and I'm sorry.  I don't blame you.

But I just have to tell you about something really cool.

A few weeks ago, Thing One's team had a game in our school gym.  He has to be there early to warm up, so while that was happening I was watching the game before his, in which older boys were playing.    Probably middle-school age, I'd guess.  One of the kids on the opposing team that day obviously has Down's Syndrome.

Initially, I was just thinking how cool it was that a kid with a handicap was able to play on the team.  Then I actually started watching more closely and realized that the kid was one of the stars of his team.  No joke.  That kid has a shot you would not believe.

Saw him again today; he was still dropping baskets left and right.  Go #6...you rock!

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