Monday, January 28, 2013

For A Change, I Am NOT Behind The Eight-Ball

For any homemakers/primary caregivers/primary cooks out there: is there any daily question you dread more than "What's for dinner?" or is it just me?

Unlike my mother and brother, I am not an inspired cook.  I usually can't just look to see what we have around and come up with something fabulous off the top of my head, as they do.  Trained biologist that I am, though, I am whiz-bang at following a recipe...after all, what is a recipe if not an experimental protocol involving edible reagents??

At any rate, I don't mind the process of cooking, for the most part (and I actively love to bake)--it's the deciding what to make that drives me crazy.  I love getting meal requests, because it makes my job that much easier.  Especially since we have either two or three kid activities every day of the week after school, which means that I am also pressed for time with dinner prep to make it even more fun.

At any rate, last night Himself made three requests for dinner this week: chili, tacos, and a really fabulous Thai peanut chicken and noodles dish that I don't make often enough.  This morning I went to the grocery store and bought everything I need for all three, came home and cooked them!  I'll serve the Thai dish tonight and the others later in the week, because they'll keep.  Add to that the fried rice that I will make from leftover pork tenderloin and the goulash that can be easily produced from the last few slices of last night's pot roast (both quick and easy meals), and I have a full week of dinners on hand as of midday Monday!

Yes, I know that I am pathetically excited about this, but it is what it is.  Anything that makes my life less complicated is a good thing!  


  1. It's really planning, planning, planning, isn't it? What about a calendar up, and as ideas come up you (or anybody in the family) put them on there? Easiest time I had was when I kept a running list and put things down as I thought of them.

    Full disclosure though - I spent 25 minutes trying to figure out where I wanted to eat out on my last dinner of New Orleans (for now). I finally gave up. Nothing sounded good. Looks like it's cheerios for me!

  2. You know I don't think it is pathetic to be excited about this at all! I will admit to be so proud when I have menus ready to go. I dread the "What's for dinner" question! It stresses me out :)

  3. Ugh, I remember those days... Any time I would make chili, taco meat, spaghetti sauce, soup, curries (I could go on, but you get the idea) I made sure to prepare industrial quantities. That way I had lots left over to portion up and put in the freezer. There were plenty of days where I was so happy to be able to pull most of a home-cooked meal out of the freezer in between school and other activities.


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