Saturday, January 26, 2013

Change Of Plans

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No company this evening after all, unfortunately.  Thing Two has a cold, and since both daughters of the family that was supposed to be joining us for wine-drinking and general merriment will be trying out for a highly competitive swim team on Tuesday, they are wisely staying away!

As usual, started the day with basketball: the regular practices for the younger two kids and then an unexpected game for Thing One.  The head coach of Thing Two's team almost pulled another fast one on me today, too--as practice was starting, he informed me (in my assistant coach capacity) that his son wasn't feeling too well and that he might be leaving at any time.  You may recall that the last time he did something like this, I had about eight hours to come up with a practice plan--said eight hours extending from midnight to 8AM--this time I would have had no warning at all!  Fortunately for his well-being and my blood pressure, he ended up staying for the full practice.

Thing One's team played Thursday and Friday evenings and is off today, but he stepped up when one of the other teams put out a request for substititute players because they were a couple of boys down.  He played his heart out on that court, bless the child, but they still lost narrowly and he was crushed.  He and the other two boys from his team who subbed in made the difference between a one-point loss and a total blowout, at least.  Not sure what happened with the team divisions this year, but two of the teams at his level are very strong and the third (today's) just isn't, which doesn't seem fair.

Home now, and not leaving again!  The rest of the day will now involve waiting for the furniture delivery, sitting my behind in front of the fireplace, and much cooking, since I'm in the mood.  Right now, the house smells of roasted garlic...I threw a few heads into the oven with olive oil and we will crush the cloves on toasts made from homemade bread leftovers for hors d'oeuvres later.  A beautiful roast, some mashed potatoes too...all comfort foods to stave off the rawness outside.  I'm ready for spring.

But at least the sun is shining.  That covers a multitude of sins!


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