Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things Husbands Don't Usually Say To Their Wives, Part 1

"You really need to drink more."

I get this one regularly.  And in complete seriousness, may I just say.

Himself has quite the wine-buying habit.  That and running are his only real hobbies.  And although he tries his damnedest (within reason) he can't keep up with the influx of new bottles by himself!  My contributory glass or two a few nights a week doesn't even come close to making a dent.  We have probably 400 bottles of wine in the basement right now, all racked and spreadsheeted and crossindexed, plus a 60-bottle or so capacity wine fridge in the kitchen.  This man takes his wine seriously.

Although tall, I'm a lightweight (as far as alcohol is concerned, not in general.)  Always have been.  And since I also detest the feeling of being mentally fuzzy and out of control, I don't drink that much.  I've been telling him for years that he should just be thankful that he has a built-in designated driver, and usually he is.  But every time he goes down to unpack new cases of wine into the racks, he comes back upstairs mumbling about the overflow and tells me that we need to have a party!

A few days ago, he was down in the basement again, so I knew what was coming.  Sure enough, we'll be having some close friends over for dinner and wine on Saturday.  There may also be a furniture delivery while they are here, but that's ok...the last time they were over I had no hall floor or hall bathroom and it worked out just fine!

Good friends are an even bigger joy than good wine.

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