Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This morning started out okay, but dropped off a cliff right before lunchtime.

Two of the three kids have been struggling with certain difficult behaviors for a while.  One can't seem to stop writing or drawing on walls, and the other has repeatedly had issues with making bad decisions relating to video games.  We have daily limits for game time--each child can choose to use their time on their DS, the Wii, my iPad (if I'm feeling generous) or any combination thereof, but when time's up, it's up.  Due to previous issues with sneaky use of games beyond the allocated game time, this child was already on limited privileges, and totally blew that all to hell today with further sneakiness.

Unfortunately, both kids had already exhausted the more moderate initial sets of consequences without any apparent behavior changes, so we had to go nuclear.  Which we HATE doing.  So now all the first child's beloved art supplies are locked in the parent-only unfinished side of the basement, from which I will extract them on an as-needed-for-school-only basis for a while, and the other child has lost game privileges entirely for a month.

Yes, I know tough love is good.  Yes, I know that both children are old enough to make decisions and deal with the consequences of those decisions.  Yes, I know that this is a good lesson to learn early in life.  But I feel like crap right now, and Himself does too.


  1. When my godson was about 5, he carved on the bathroom door 2+2=5. Rather than sanding it down and fixing it, we keep it up as a reminder to mock him until we all die.

    His younger brother at about 4 decided that any carving would be attributed to older brother (who never did it again), so he carved older brother's name in a different door. And spelled it wrong. Again, the purposeful humiliation is good fun (for everyone but the offender).

    These are very bright children, I promise! :)

  2. I like the way your minds work. I told my artist-gone-bad that if I saw any further artwork on my walls, their name would be signed to it in indelible marker and left there forever!

  3. i'd love to see pics of this wall art!

  4. If I had the sense of a turnip, I would have taken pictures before going after the offending artwork with a Magic Eraser (which really does work magic, by the way...) but sadly, I apparently don't. My husband keeps telling me to start a file of incriminating pictures for each kid! His theory is that it could be used for blackmail to bring about better behavior in high school. ;)

  5. We try, Lady Jennie...thanks for the support. I really don't like being a "mean" parent, but this kind of thing is for their own good. Maybe when they grow up they will appreciate that it's hard to be a good parent! I keep telling my eldest that my life would be very easy if I was willing to give up and just be a bad parent all the time...


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